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& Resources for Acute Care - Policy for Assessment and Care
Management of Patients who are at risk of
Wandering in the Acute Care Setting

& Poems  written about Wandering &/or Dementia

You are free to copy and reproduce the following resources but please do not alter them without advanced written permission

& Dewing Wandering Screening Tool

& Dewing Wandering Risk Assessment Tool Version 2 - updated

& Dewing Wandering Risk Assessment Tool Guidance

& ACT Tool

&  A poster 'Helping you understand wandering'

&  A poster 'Helping you understand wandering in our care home'

&  A poster 'Guidance for safer wandering'

&  A Pocket Card on Wandering

& Wandering into the future: reconceptualising wandering
written by Jan Dewing published in International Journal of Older Peoples Nursing

& Wandering Flow Chart

& Transcript from a BBC radio 4 programme 'You and Yours' broadcast on 29.04.03
Evidence-based guidelines on management of dementia in primary care - some references to wandering

& Methods for preventing/responding to wandering in acute care settings

& Here is an example of a leaflet for patients and visitors in hospital concerned about a patient who has dementia & their behaviour:
Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Trust
Dementia Leaflet

& Adapting the ward: principles, evidence and examples (Part 1) of the environment should provide for wandering

It discusses wandering indoors and out of doors. Note: the tile is misleading as itís about long term care settings

& Adapting the ward (Part2) - an audit tool which has two sections on wandering

Note: the title is misleading as itís about long term care settings

& Cohen Mansfield Agitation Inventory

& Missing Persons (Inpatient) Policy
Produced by Ashford & St Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust


Photo by Jane Stokes

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