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Restraint - how to move towards restraint free care

Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) 18 December 2007 -  Rights, risks and restraints: An exploration into the use of restraint in the care of older people

Tag dementia suffers - minister

BBC News 19 April 2007

SNIFF (Social Network Integrated Friend Finder)

This UK newspaper report (June 08) shows how a new mobile-phone 'friend finder' program called SNIFF can be installed on mobile phones and social-networking sites such as Facebook, providing users with a detailed map of their friends' whereabouts at any given moment. It may have some uses in dementia care, especially for people who walk/wander long distances out of doors and have a tendency to get lost.

3 papers published in International Journal of Older People Nursing:-

  1. Implementing the wandering evidence for older people with dementia: key issues for nurses and carers

  2. What's new about wandering behaviour? An assessment of recent studies

  3. Wandering into the future: reconceptualizing wandering 'A natural and good thing'

'Feeding minds - the impact of food on mental health'

International Consortium on Wandering Studies

Practitioner Network on Ageing (PNOA)

Nursing Older People

Alzheimer's Society
From the UK: factsheets on wandering and dementia

Wandering in acute hospital settings

Care Giver Network Inc.
This is based on the experience of one woman regarding wandering as part of caring for her father

Alzheimer's Association
From America - an overview of wandering for caregivers

Also, this PDF offers guidance on responding to wandering in acute hospital settings

A report on a study using Aromatherapy to reduce agitation
May be of some benefit in use with types of wandering responsive to intervention

RCN Practice Development

Foundation of Nursing Studies

The Burdett Trust for Nursing
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